Find Premium Quality Horse Boxes for Sale in Blackpool

Horse Boxes for Sale in BlackpoolLook for quality horse boxes for sale in Blackpool and invest in a top quality product. You may need a horse box to transport your jumpers to an upcoming event. Or perhaps you need to transport a mare to the neighbouring stud. Whatever your reasons for needing a horse box, it makes sense to invest in a quality box from a reputable company. We are pleased to offer our premium quality horse boxes for sale to all our clients. Since 1975, we have designed, built and sold our exceptionally high quality horse boxes. As a result, we have gained an enviable reputation of which we are proud.

For our clients in Blackpool, horse boxes for sale include our second hand horse boxes. Such is our reputation and the quality of our work, that our second hand horse boxes are much in demand. In 1996, the first Renault Master conversion was manufactured by us. It has since been featured in the Daily Telegraph as ‘Box of the Year.’ We are also proud that our horse boxes are used all over the world. In fact, we export our horse boxes to countries such as South Africa, New Zealand and more European countries. In New Zealand, our Hunter horse boxes are used by one of New Zealand’s leading show jumpers as well as one of their leading dressage riders. When you purchase a Marlborough Horse box, whether second hand or brand new, you know you are purchasing a high quality horse box. We are happy to design and manufacture a horse box to your specific requirements.

Horse boxes for sale in Blackpool by our expert team are highly sought after. Our aim is to provide long-lasting durability, and this guarantees even our pre-owned horseboxes will serve you well for many years. To find out more about our horse boxes for sale, either brand new or gently used, contact Marlborough Horseboxes today. We are both pleased and proud to say that our horse boxes have comfortably and efficiently transported many professional and prize-winning horses over the years. We would be pleased to do the same for you.