Horse Boxes for Sale in Knutsford

Horse Boxes for Sale in KnutsfordAs a horse owner, you are likely to be looking for reliable horse boxes for sale in Knutsford. Over the years we have improved the design of our horse boxes to allow your animals to have a comfortable ride. The vehicles are extremely reliable and easy to load. Horse events are very social occasions and bring likeminded people together for a day or two of fun. You may need to take your horse to an area where you can ride and enjoy the outdoors as not all stables have suitable hacking areas close by. The horse box also allows for more than one horse to be transported at once which is handy for a family outing with the horses.

We export our products to many countries where horses need to be transported for events. In Knutsford, horse boxes for sale come in new or pre-owned models. If you travel to many different horse shows or gymkhanas it is wise and cost-effective to buy your own horse box rather than rely on a lift from someone else. There are people who specialise in moving horses but one is never sure how they travel. If you are going to use your horse in an event you want to be sure it has travelled safely and is not stressed when it reaches the grounds. We are trusted by people as far afield as New Zealand, South Africa and all over Europe to ensure our vehicles give your horse a smooth ride with as little stress as possible.

We are very proud to have been manufacturing top quality horse boxes for sale in Knutsford for over 44 years. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today and our experienced team will help you to choose the right horse box for your needs. We have designed a wide range of boxes to suit all types of horse events, even carriage driving with two or three small ponies. Larger horses will feel more comfortable with a horse box designed for bigger animals and stud boxes can carry the mare and foal or stallion in safety as well as young or problem horses. These can be configured for your horse’s individual needs.