Horse Boxes for Sale in Mobberley

Horse Boxes for Sale in MobberleyIf you are looking for horse boxes for sale in Mobberley, Marlborough Horseboxes provides top quality products for every possible need. We have been in the business of providing custom-built horse boxes   since 1975. In 1996 our product was featured in the Daily Telegraph as ‘Box of the Year.’ Today our products are valued in New Zealand, South Africa and other European countries. The Marlborough Hunter is one of our most popular offerings. It is widely used by famous show jumpers and competitive dressage riders in New Zealand.

As in many places, in Mobberley, horse boxes for sale are tailor-made keeping in mind the precious cargo they have to transport. They are of the best quality, built to last. Our reputation is unmatched and there is a high demand for used or pre-owned boxes manufactured by Marlborough Horseboxes in the market today. You can also see our great offers on-line. The early bird gets the worm, so don’t miss out on a  great bargain! These custom-made boxes are designed to transport one or two horses at a time. Ponies can be housed three at a time in one unit. Stallions, foals, colts, or even sick animals can be conveyed to their destinations safely. Some of our bespoke products include the Sport, Volt, Hunter stud or carriage boxes.

Our unique horse boxes for sale in Mobberley are built on the 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. Carriage horse boxes are specifically built on 2010 FWD Chassis. They extend lengthwise and are built with wider doors having additional partitions to accommodate more than one animal at a time. If you are looking for horse boxes for sale, contact us today. Our specially designed units make for easy, stress-free and safe transport of horses. Horses may also be needed to be moved locally for shows, to the vet or to a different destination. Many details need to be considered while doing this, including the length of time that the journey takes and prioritising comfort and safety. Also of importance are the conveniences and comfort of the owner, driver and groom. Our horse boxes and transportation vehicles provide all this and more.