Horse Boxes for Sale in Rufford

Horse Boxes for Sale in RuffordPurchasing horse boxes for sale in Rufford, especially for the first time, can be a daunting experience. However, at Marlborough Horse Boxes we’re eager to help you with this aspect. For first time buyers, we recommend examining your priorities. Start by asking what will you use it for, how much can you afford, how often will you use it. This will indicate whether you need a horse box with complete sleeping and living facilities or a day living cab and even whether you need a towed horsebox or a motorized one. The next point you need to consider is the horse’s comfort. Is the horsebox going to be big enough to accommodate your particular horse. Closely examine the strength and size of the chassis. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation without any loose fitting or sharp edges. The partition between the driver and horse should also be strong. In the event of an emergency, you need to be able to get your horse out easily and quickly.

For riders in Rufford, horse boxes for sale can be purchased from us at Marlborough Horse Boxes.  All our horseboxes are equipped with HPI certificates. This indicates that your vehicle was never in an accident, recovered or stolen. In addition, all our boxes are entirely serviced with a 12-month MOT. You may opt for any paint colour and signage with graphics. All our prices/quotes include sign-writing, painting and standard fittings. All our vehicles are also fitted with a standard radio/CD player and an immobiliser. We have additional extras available too.  These include getting an extra set of keys, uprating the box to 3,900 kg and having your horsebox delivered to your desired location.

If you need a safe transport vehicle for your horse, consider horse boxes for sale in Rufford. You are welcome to contact Marlborough Horseboxes for more information about our horse boxes for sale. We provide different vehicle models including the Hunter, Colt and Sport. We also offer carriage and stud boxes. Our horse boxes are highly regarded and are used in south Africa, New Zealand and throughout Europe.