Repair & Care

Your Marlborough Horsebox should give you many years of service and pleasure,but if you need help or advice please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Safety Checks

  • Ramp buzzer is operational
  • The hinge on the top flap – check for signs of movement as this could be a sign of wear and may need replacing
  • All locks and springs are occasionally greased or given a spray with WD40


  • Make sure your horsebox is MOT’d serviced annually, taxed and insured
  • Make sure lights, marker lights and indicators are all working correctly
  • Regularly check the tyres for signs of wear and ensure tyre pressures are correct: Front – 55 psi/3.8 bar
    Rear – 65 psi/4.5 bar
  • Check oil and water levels are correct, as failure to do this may result in the engine seizing
  • Check battery life

Check & Keep Clean

  • Ramp
  • Floor – Regularly remove bedding, clean inside horse area and allow to dry thoroughly
  • Drainage holes are clear
  • Luton – occasionally check as condensation could cause dampness in this area

Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you at all times, and ensure you have contact numbers for your insurance, breakdown/recovery company and vet.
Add a monthly diary date to check your horsebox.


  • We also offer a repair service.

Before Broken strap “Ramp Replacement before painting”

After repaired broken strap“Ramp replacement after painting”

“Recently we had this box come back to us because the owner has a brilliant, but a very big strong horse who spends his entire travelling time kicking the living daylights out of her box.

He had damaged the ramp hinge and more padding was required behind his hindquarters, but in the interest of safety we suggested checking the floor and bulkhead.

Having removed the rubber matting on the floor, we were pleased to see that although the adhesive had broken down in two places, the floor was in great condition. Similarly, behind the rubber matting, the bulkhead was unaffected. So to combat the horse’s determination to redesign the interior of this box we have fitted more reinforcement and extra matting.

The other small job, but very important adjustment was to fit the secondary straps to the top flap.”

This is an area on your horsebox which you should check for wear and tear as the central flex hinge which holds the top flap to the body of the box can wear over time.

We now fit these straps to all our boxes and have contacted our customers sending out the additional improved fitments.  However, if you own a Marlborough and don’t have these fitting.

Please contact us and we will send you some free of charge.


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Read Our Reviews

Marlborough Horseboxes is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 5 review(s).


Fantastic Horsebox’s and excellent customer service. Ive had my box quite a few years now and wouldn't want to drive anything else. This year i took it back to Marlborough for a check-over and they also added some improvements to it for me. Always at the end of the phone if i need them and nothing is too much trouble.

- Helen


First class product, and a first class service throughout the design and build, most importantly, when we had a minor problem around 2 years after delivery, the same level of service was provided, highly recommended

- Chris


Extremely pleased with our new Horsebox. Good quality and service provided by Geraldine. Would use Marlborough again in the future.

- Clare Grant


Excellent….. from start to finish. As promised I would leave a review a year if I was still happy a year later 🙂

- Paul Wellman


Highly recommend Marlborough Horseboxes - will be using them again in the future thank you.

- Harriet