Choose Horse Boxes for Sale in Bootle, Excellent Value, Excellent Quality

Horse Boxes for Sale in BootleWhen you are looking at horse boxes for sale in Bootle, Marlborough Horse Boxes is where you will get the greatest value for your money. The quality of our horse boxes is undisputed. We put a lot of engineering technology into the reliability of the engine and chassis. Weight distribution is critical to the safety and ease of handling while you’re on the road with your horse. The horse box itself is geared first to the comfort and safety of your horse. Stall stability, flooring comfort, ventilation and feeding options are critical. Secure ramps at the best angle for loading and unloading are well thought out and can be customised to suit your preferences. We begin with a 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis for the engine power and chassis that can handle the weight bearing requirements.

Because our custom horse boxes are engineered and built for power, comfort and stability, long road trips should be reasonably easy. In Bootle, horse boxes for sale from Marlborough will serve you well regardless of the type of roads over which you will need to transport your horse. Gravel backroads or high speed motorways, you as the driver will be comfortable and the horse box will handle easily. We’ve been building custom horse boxes since 1996. That year, The Daily Telegraph deemed our first effort as Box of the Year. We’ve been building on that reputation ever since. Our horse boxes hold their value. For that reason our used horse boxes are in high demand. From time to time we have some used ones available for sale but they sell out quickly.

Each of our horse boxes for sale in Bootle is customised to suit your needs. We begin with horseboxes with either the Sport, Hunter, Colt or Stud boxes. We also have a specialised horsebox designed for both horse and carriage with an extended length and wider doors to transport two horses or three ponies and the carriage. Inside are dividers to customise to suit. A selection of accessories are available; many to accommodate the groom and rider and their tack. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes for more information regarding pricing, availability and selection choices. We can ship almost anywhere in Europe and even abroad to South Africa and New Zealand.