Excellent Quality Horse Boxes for Sale in Blackrod, Perfect for Your Needs

Horse Boxes for Sale in BlackrodWe offer quality horse boxes for sale in Blackrod. We’ve been in business for decades and have earned a reputation for high quality and well designed and built horse boxes. Most of our horse boxes are built on a 3500kg Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. From there, we custom build and configure the box   to suit your purposes and your preferences. Stud, Carriage, Sport, Hunter and Colt are our basic configurations. However, the box can be completely customised with your colours, exterior signage, and added accessories and comforts inside the box. The cab is built for 2 to ride in comfort. There is a healthy resale market for our horse boxes so check with us; sometimes we have a few in stock or we know someone who is selling.

Our horse boxes are very sleek and stylish looking as well as being comfortable for you and your horses.  For those in the market in Blackrod, horse boxes for sale are road ready on delivery with a 12 month MOT. A factory immobiliser is standard as is a radio and CD player. Newer vehicles have a few more bells and whistles.  We can arrange delivery for you anywhere in the UK and Europe. We currently export to South Africa and New Zealand. Choose from one of the available colours and we’ll finish off with the Horses label to declare your precious cargo. We can also arrange for the application of graphics of your choice; whatever you want to personalise your horse box.

Horse boxes for sale in Blackrod are selected for use by well-known riders, competitive riders and casual riders around the world. When we undertake the interior configuration, it’s done to maximise the safety of your horses. We offer a selection of options in creature comforts and conveniences as well. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes and tell us what kind of horse box would suit your needs. We’ll answer all your questions and offer suggestions and advice. The cost will depend on the size and type of horsebox you order, delivery costs and any extras and options. When we’re done, it will be exactly what you want. When it is no longer what you need, you’ll have no trouble finding a buyer. Our horse boxes hold their value.