Find the Perfect Horse Boxes for Sale in Burscough to Meet Your Needs

Horse Boxes for Sale in Burscough Find the perfect horse boxes for sale in Burscough at Marlborough Horseboxes. We have earned an enviable reputation for quality, price and customer care over the decades that we have been in business. Our horseboxes are valued everywhere in the equestrian world for their high quality, functionality and durability. We are delighted that our used horseboxes still fetch a good price because of their sturdy construction and design. We are proud to be known as the first firm to develop and build the Renault Master conversion in 1996. This gave us the opportunity to earn nation-wide fame as the product was named Box of the Year by the Daily Telegraph.

Most professionals who are involved in the world of horses understand the value of a good horse box. In Burscough, horse boxes for sale may be available in several places, but it’s important to ensure that you select the right one. Horses can be highly temperamental and extended journeys can stress them out. They may also contract illnesses or suffer injuries in badly constructed horseboxes. Certain design features in a good horsebox can reduce the stress and strain that an animal feels while being transported. When the horse feels uncomfortable about boarding a horsebox, it may refuse to climb on board, break its halter, injure itself and damage the trailer in its bid to get away from there.

Good horse boxes for sale in Burscough have to be purchased keeping your requirements, budget and the needs and preferences of the animal. The horse should feel comfortable, have lots of ventilation, light and air and not feel cloistered or cramped. A horse’s eyes take some time to adjust to changes in light and darkness. That is why many of them refuse to get into a dark horses box. It’s important to ensure that the trailer you choose has enough natural light and ventilation. Horses are also highly sensitive to temperature variations. When you are looking for quality horse boxes for sale, contact Marlborough Horseboxes. We ensure that the interior of the horse box is kept at a consistent temperature. Make sure that the floor and walls are in perfect condition, otherwise they may get damaged or collapse while you’re in transit.

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Fantastic Horsebox’s and excellent customer service. Ive had my box quite a few years now and wouldn't want to drive anything else. This year i took it back to Marlborough for a check-over and they also added some improvements to it for me. Always at the end of the phone if i need them and nothing is too much trouble.

- Helen


First class product, and a first class service throughout the design and build, most importantly, when we had a minor problem around 2 years after delivery, the same level of service was provided, highly recommended

- Chris


Extremely pleased with our new Horsebox. Good quality and service provided by Geraldine. Would use Marlborough again in the future.

- Clare Grant


Excellent….. from start to finish. As promised I would leave a review a year if I was still happy a year later 🙂

- Paul Wellman


Highly recommend Marlborough Horseboxes - will be using them again in the future thank you.

- Harriet