Horse Boxes for Sale in Bath, Top Quality at Affordable Prices

Horse Boxes for Sale in BathWhen searching for horse boxes for sale in Bath, choose only the most reputable company. At Marlborough Horseboxes, we have established ourselves as a trusted company when it comes to horseboxes. Not only do we manufacture them to the highest of standards, we also offer them for sale at competitive prices. If you own horses, there are many reasons why you will need a horsebox. Perhaps you need to transport mares to a neighbouring stud farm, or need to transport your jumpers to a show. Regardless of where you need to take your horses, transporting them in a custom built horse box is key.

For equestrian enthusiasts in Bath, horse boxes for sale are available; both new and reconditioned at Marlborough Horseboxes. We have different types of horse boxes that can be mounted on Renault Master or Vauxhall chassis. However, if you are looking for a custom-built horse box, speak to us. We will be pleased to design and manufacture a horse box that meets your needs. All of our horse boxes are safe and can accommodate three small ponies or two horses. The horses will be safe during the transition, and you will reach your destination without any problems. We can provide the box in the colour that you require, as well as a sign with the words of your choice. You can also choose the graphics you would like applied. If you are thinking about adding your logo to the horse box, do let us know beforehand and we will get it done. Our horse boxes may differ depending on your needs. They are available with an electric roof fan, roof vents, horse cameras, bridle hooks, and saddle poles. All of our horseboxes are serviced and will come with a 12-month MOT.

The prices of the different horse boxes for sale in Bath will also depend on the year that it was manufactured as well as mileage of the chassis chosen. If you are interested in one of our horse boxes, contact us today. Our horse boxes are famous, not just in the UK, but all over the world; they have been exported to New Zealand, South Africa and many European countries.