Horse Boxes for Sale in Bromley

Horse Boxes for Sale in BromleyLet’s help you find premium-quality horse boxes for sale in Bromley. At Marlborough Horse Boxes, we stock and supply only the best products because we know just how important they are for those in the sector. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’re proud of our reputation for excellent services, sensible pricing and our customer-centric approach. No matter how major or minor, how unique or unusual your requirement, we’re glad to help you with it. Our products are so good that they attract a very high second-hand value too. Used horseboxes with the Marlborough brand are much sought after by those in the equestrian business. Our top-quality horseboxes are exported around the world, especially to Europe, New Zealand and South Africa.

We have a diverse range of options to suit your needs, preferences and budget. In Bromley, horse boxes for sale should be chosen with care so that your valuable animal remains comfortable and safe during transportation. We have models like the Marlborough Sport, Hunter and Colt and also carriage boxes and stud boxes. You can select the right one based on your unique requirements. It’s important to assess your own needs thoroughly before you purchase. You need to evaluate your present and future needs regarding how many horses you plan to transport, the average distance and the size and weight of the animals. Another crucial aspect is the payload regulations for these vehicles, which determines how much weight you can legally transport. You need to paste the payload ticket prominently on the box whenever you’re moving horses.

You can also get your own designs incorporated in the box; for instance, horse boxes for sale in Bromley could have luxury accessories like a fridge, TV, air conditioning, and power ramp, but all these can add to the payload. Another factor to consider is whether you are legally permitted to drive it yourself. Check the floor material of the box, and lift up the matting to ensure that it is strong enough to carry the prescribed weight. To find out more about our high-quality horseboxes for sale, contact Marlborough Horse Boxes. We are proud of our excellent quality workmanship and affordable prices.