Horse Boxes for Sale in Bury, Professionally Manufactured, Easily Affordable

Horse Boxes for Sale in BuryMarlborough Horseboxes specialise in bespoke horse boxes for sale in Bury. Choose from different sizes, configurations, amenities and accessories. Select to have your colours and/or logo painted on your horse box. You can also choose between new and used. One thing is standard regardless of which horse box you choose and that is value. Marlborough Horse Boxes are a good investment because they are rugged and they retain their value. The proof of that is in the high demand for our used horse boxes and the sometimes low availability. We are horse people and we know what horse people need to enjoy their equestrian activities. The primary consideration of horse owners is the comfort and safety of the horse.

Horses and equestrian competitions and fun shows is a monetary investment in a loved sport. But it’s also an emotional investment which is why, in Bury, horse boxes for sale put safety and comfort first. Some of those road trips are long and you have to drive straight through. So, we build our horse boxes on 3500kg Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. They can take the weight and hold the road with ease of handling by the driver. The cab is comfortable and climate-controlled for both drivers. The need for dependability is crucial. When your horse box leaves our site it is MOT tested and ready for the journey. We can also ship your horsebox throughout Europe, to South Africa and New Zealand.

Blue Ribbon champions, some of them well know, choose our horse boxes for sale in Bury. We have been making bespoke horse boxes since 1975. Because they are durable we do get requests for used ones and we try to accommodate each of them. Sometimes, it’s a matter of patience, waiting for the right one to become available. We recommend that you contact Marlborough Horseboxes and let us know what you need. If we don’t currently have a used one ideal for you, we’ll keep an ear to the ground for one. You can also check our website frequently. Our used horse boxes are always posted there.