Horse Boxes for Sale in Chelford

Horse Boxes for Sale in ChelfordWe have horse boxes for sale in Chelford at Marlborough Horse Boxes. Inventory turns over regularly and if we don’t have what you need or want in stock, we can always build one to suit. For those we do have, we want you to know that we now ship to most European countries as well as New Zealand and South Africa. So, if you can’t get to us, we can get your horse box to you and we guarantee it will be exactly what you expect. Our reputation for durable, functional and attractive horse boxes precedes us so most people are comfortable with long-distance orders. We make it as simple as possible and stay in regular contact throughout the process. We’ve been building horse boxes to our customer’s satisfaction since 1996.

You can always check online for what is immediately available. For those in Chelford, horse boxes for sale right now include new builds and refurbished used. We offer a Carriage Box sized to fit both the horses and the carriage comfortably. Also available is a new build Marlborough Hunter with full-length partition and 2 roof vents. The groom area includes poles for bridle hooks and saddles, wardrobe space and seating. For the driver of this Hunter Box there is the convenience of a radio and CD player, Bluetooth, and electric mirrors and windows. All our models includes standard fittings, painting and sign-writing. We sometimes sell used horse boxes for customers and we have one now with plenty of service left in it for a very low price. Our used horse boxes sell quickly.

When you are looking for horse boxes for sale in Chelford, we’re the number one name in quality and durability. For example, our used Marlborough horse box mentioned is 19 years old and still in good shape. The interior is especially nice and spacious. That’s the quality of our products. Contact us and we can talk about what you need and want, how soon you need it and the amount you have budgeted for your purchase. With that, we will go to work for you. Immobilisers come standard on all of our horse boxes for the protection and safety of your horses and equipment. We offer a number of options and accessories as well.