Horse Boxes for Sale in Cornwall

Horse Boxes for Sale in CornwallWhen you’re looking for horse boxes for sale in Cornwall, Marlborough Horse Boxes will make your choice easier. Our name has become well known for quality, comfort and durability. Choose from horseboxes specifically designed and built for hunters, sport, colt, and stud configurations. Our horse boxes will take you anywhere you want to go; down the highway or country roads. Your horses will be safe while driver and passenger ride in comfort. The convenience of our designs adds so much joy for horse enthusiasts as they travel to events. There’s just so much less hassle than you find with some transports. Let us paint your colours and logo on your trailer so you can announce your arrival or advertise your barn in style.

You can count on the stability of Marlborough Horse Boxes because they’re built on 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. In Cornwall, hose boxes for sale by Marlborough are also built to withstand and balance the weight. We get that right because driving safety depends on accurate weight balance. Everything you need for the comfort of your horse and yourself in contained in our units. We offer some extras like window grates, insulated storage, tack hooks, sleeping bunks, porta potties, GPS and more. Longer trips and all day or all weekend events are made easier by a few luxuries.

We have horse boxes for sale in Cornwall to suit a range of budgets. Our products are excellent quality so there is as much demand for our used boxes as our new. Our stock changes but always check with us and we’ll let you know what we already have or what we expect to have coming in. We think our boxes are configured to suit most people but if you need a custom set-up or a modification to an existing design, we will accommodate your needs. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes or come out and see first-hand our various horse boxes; new, used or custom designs. We made our first horse box in 1996 and established our business in 1975 so a lot of experience and first-hand practical knowledge goes into our conversions. We can export to South Africa, New Zealand and most of Europe.