Horse Boxes for Sale in Ipswich

Horse Boxes for Sale in IpswichAre you looking for horse boxes for sale in Ipswich to transport your horses, carriage and all the ancillary equipment you need for the race. Just wait until you see our Marlborough horse boxes built just for your carriage and two horses or 3 ponies. The box interior is adjustable to two or three stalls. If your carriage is a little larger, the rear can be extended to accommodate it or use the space for extra storage. Easily load your carriage using the electric winch for the ramp. This horse box is a real beauty. Customise it with your colours and logo and Ascot here we come! The trip will be comfortable with plenty of cab room for you and your passenger to stretch your legs.

We have a new horse box to safely transport those exceptional care horses. In Ipswich, horse boxes for sale include these with an internal design with the flexibility to change around the full height partitions. This is a new design. We call it our Stud Box and the design, using full height partitions instead of a breast bar, eliminates the hazard potential of the horse attempting to jump the bar. This configuration will protect high strung horses. Change the partitions and you have safe accommodations for mare and foal. Transporting, even longer distances, is less stressful for the driver and safer for the horse.

Marlborough Horseboxes has been customising horse boxes for sale in Ipswich since 1975 with great customer satisfaction. Our reputation is built on quality and flexibility in meeting the needs of horse lovers to comfortably and safely transport their horses. Contact us and let us help you choose the best design; the Sport, Hunter, Colt or a variation of any one of them. We offer a selection of useful extras and options from which you may choose. There’s always a demand for our used horse boxes and if that’s your choice, be patient and we will endeavour to secure just the right one for you. We export to most European countries as well as New Zealand and South Africa.