Horse Boxes for Sale in Ormskirk

Horse Boxes for Sale in OrmskirkProtect your horses by having a look at our horse boxes for sale in Ormskirk and choosing the most suitable one. Moving horses from one place to another can be quite challenging and if you don’t have the appropriate vehicle, there is a good chance that they will get hurt while in transition. At Marlborough Horseboxes, we have been offering horse owners quality and long-lasting horse boxes since 1975. If any of the current horse boxes don’t meet your requirements, we can design and build one from new. Our custom design ensures durability and tough products, guaranteed to fulfil all your horse transportation needs.

We have the perfect horse boxes for you, whether it’s to transport them along the busiest motorway in the country, or on the rockiest of tracks in the rural farmlands, we always have something that will suit your needs. In Ormskirk, the horse boxes for sale are of top-notch quality. Plus, depending on your needs, we can modify them to your exact needs. Whether it’s a logo or the colour, we can easily change them, as well as add a “Horses” sticker to inform other road users about your precious cargo. If you are also getting a vehicle from us, it will come complete with a 12 months MOT, and for additional charges, we can upgrade the box to fit two or three horses. The body of our pre-owned boxes have a 12-month warranty, whereas the newly built boxes have a full warranty of 3 years, or until they have reached 100,000 miles. With our horse boxes, you will have countless stress-free and comfortable journeys. Our priority is the safety of the horses and the driver’s peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for quality horse boxes for sale in Ormskirk. You can opt for a simple horse box or choose one that is specifically designed for a wider range of needs. For more details about our horse boxes for sale, contact us today. Our name has become synonymous with quality horse boxes, so much so, that even our pre-owned boxes are in high demand!