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Horseboxes for Sale in LeedsIf you own horses, our horseboxes for sale in Leeds can improve your transportation options. Horses need special vehicles to move around the UK. These horseboxes give your horse the comfort and safety it needs on the road. Yet, you should choose horseboxes that are suited to your horses. We have a variety of horsebox designs that are ideal for transporting all types of horses. If your horse is rowdy and active, you should choose a robust horsebox with padded or reinforced interior walls. A calm and docile horse may benefit from an airy horsebox with room to move around.

We are among the leading suppliers of horseboxes in the North West. In Leeds, our horseboxes for sale can transform the lifestyle of your horse. Racing horses and show horses need a little luxury to get them in the mood for a high-calibre event. Our Hunter series horseboxes provide a luxurious experience for you and your horse. Our Sport and Stud box series are robust horse boxes designed for transporting stallions and young horses full of energy. We also have the Carriage Box series that is significantly larger than the other horseboxes. This series is suitable for transporting your horse and carriage. The carriage box can also fit three ponies comfortably.

It can be challenging to acquire brand new horseboxes for sale in Leeds when you are on a budget. We can provide links for financing options where necessary. All our horseboxes come with a new, 12 month MOT and a 12-month body warranty. We can customise your horsebox and paint it to suit your preferences. We can also up-rate your horsebox to 3.9 tonnes and increase its capacity by 400kg to 1,500 kg. If you would like more information about our horseboxes on sale, contact Malborough Horseboxes today. While our horseboxes are durable and stronger than our competitors, we still advise you to follow a strict maintenance regime. Keeping to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules ensures that your horsebox lasts long and withstands the rough treatment your horse may inflict on it.

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Excellent….. from start to finish. As promised I would leave a review a year if I was still happy a year later 🙂

- Paul Wellman


Highly recommend Marlborough Horseboxes - will be using them again in the future thank you.

- Harriet