Premium Quality New and Gently Used Horse Boxes for Sale in Cheshire

Horse Boxes for Sale in CheshireHorse boxes for sale in Cheshire from Marlborough Horse Boxes will end your search. We have the horse box you need for the way you travel with your horses. You don’t want to buy more than you need or less than you need. At Marlborough Horse Boxes, we build them to suit and we build them to last.  If you expect to only need one horse box ever, then buy it from us. Our horse boxes are safe and comfortable for your horse and make transporting easy. You will find driving security and comfort no matter how far your journey. Our horse boxes are built on a 3500kg Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. That provides for strength and stability to support the weight you will be hauling. You’ll appreciate the handling ease of the vehicle while driving.

View our specially built Sport, Hunter, Stud and Colt boxes. In Cheshire, horse boxes for sale will accommodate a carriage and horses for easy transport from track to track and home again. Choose from our selection of amenities and configurations to make your horse box function the way you need. Your horses will be safe and snug will the proper amount of ventilation and still have room for tack and travel gear. All the horseboxes are fully serviced and ready to go, including your MOT. Choose your paint colour, signage and graphics and we can have it completed for you. We’re close by so you can take delivery but if you need delivery elsewhere, we arrange for that anywhere in the country. In addition, we ship to South Africa, New Zealand and throughout most of Europe.

Our used horse boxes for sale in Cheshire are in high demand. Some buyers have discovered how durable our horse boxes are and want to take advantage of the lower price for a used one. Our inventory for used horseboxes fluctuates and because of the demand they sell quickly. However, if you have a little patience, a good match for you in a used horse box will become available. Whether new or used, contact us and talk to us about your horse box requirements. We’ve been setting the standards for quality and safety since 1975.