Top Quality Pre-Owned and New Horse Boxes for Sale in High Legh

Horse Boxes for Sale in High LeghIf you’re looking for horse boxes for sale in High Legh, your search stops at Marlborough Horse Boxes. We manufacture superior quality horse boxes for all our clients. Getting the right horse box for your horses can be a challenging task. Size is the first and most important consideration you need to make. The perfect horse box for your needs should be sufficient to carry the number of and the size of the horses you need to transport. Our  7.5 tonne horse box can carry two or more horses while our 3.5 tonne horse box is suitable for moving only one horse. Our unique horse boxes are manufactured using the 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. We also offer our standard bespoke 3.5 tonne horse boxes in the Hunter, Sport and Colt models.

At Marlborough Horseboxes, we make quality conversion horse boxes that are guaranteed to last for years. In High Legh, our horse boxes are manufactured with only top quality materials and sturdy designs. The value of a horse box is in its body. There are two main types of horse boxes: conversions and coach-builds. In a conversion horse box, a commercial lorry has its body stripped out from the inside then refitted with windows, partitions and some dividing walls. The result is a fully functional horse box. On the other hand, a coach-built body is purpose built on the chassis of the hoarse box. Coach built horse boxes are stronger and lighter but cost more than conversion horse boxes.

When you are looking for good-priced horse boxes for sale in High Legh, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer quality horse boxes at affordable rates. We have a deal for everyone. Even our second hand horse boxes are on high demand due to our policy to sell top quality products to all our clients. Our pre-owned units are certain to last for years. Contact us today and pick out the best horse box for your horses.  All our horse boxes are specifically designed which include built in safety features for your peace of mind.