Choose an Expert Horsebox Builder in Cheshire for Your New Horseboxes

Horsebox Builder in CheshireOur expert horsebox builder in Cheshire can custom-build the perfect product to suit your requirements. Marlborough Horseboxes have been in business since 1975. Over the decades, we’ve earned our rightful place at the top of the list of manufacturers of quality horseboxes. Our vehicles are prized not just in the UK, but internationally as well. So high is the demand for them that clients are happy to purchase used ones at a premium. We are proud to have been featured in leading equestrian journals and won prestigious awards for our products. We have a comprehensive range of products such as our bestselling Sport and Hunter brand horseboxes built on Vauxhall chassis. We also offer carriage and stud boxes for sale, both new and second-hand. Besides these, we also provide excellent quality repair and maintenance.

Many of our clients would like certain special features incorporated into their horseboxes. In Cheshire, horsebox builder services that we provide are designed to match your unique requirements. This is a huge investment, designed to protect an even greater investment, namely, your horse. It has to be strong and sturdy enough to withstand different kinds of terrain and travel. Additionally, it needs to be comfortable and safe for your horse. The driver’s comfort and convenience are also essential features of a good horsebox. Before you decide to approach the horsebox builder, it’s wise to analyse your needs. You can also firm up on your budget and certain features that you may feel you must have in the horsebox.

If you’re into professional racing or show jumping, or you regularly travel abroad with your horse, tell your horsebox builder in Cheshire about it. This will help us to design and build the perfect one. Contact Marlborough Horseboxes today when you’re looking for an expert horsebox builder. Since this is a substantial investment, it’s a smart move to think long term. You may purchase another horse or two in future. Or you may decide to become more professional than you are right now. These are important decisions to make and they can affect the box you choose.