Professional Horsebox Builder in Lancashire for Your Perfect Horsebox

Horsebox Builder in Lancashire A horsebox builder in Lancashire is available if you are looking for a horsebox that will meet your specific requirements. We have many years of experience in designed and manufacturing horseboxes for all our clients. When you choose one of our horseboxes, you are choosing a top quality, durable and attractive horsebox. Our horsebox builder makes use of his skill, expertise and experience for a horsebox that will meet your every need. The horseboxes we build are recognised as among the best available. In fact, they are used throughout the world by professional showjumpers and dressage riders.

If you need, in Lancashire, a horsebox builder, please give us a ring. We have a large variety of excellent quality horseboxes on offer, and all at cost effective prices. We use 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis on which to build our horseboxes. This means they are strong and durable. Our horseboxes are perfect for any of your horse transportation needs. We provide our standard bespoke 3.5 tonne horseboxes in the Sport, Hunter and Colt models. This includes carriage horseboxes and stud horse boxes. If you regularly transport stallions, mares, foals and difficult horses, the stud horsebox is ideal. On the other hand, the carriage horsebox is built on post 2010 FWD chassis, has an extended length, wider doors and extra partitions. This makes it perfect for transporting two horses or three small ponies.

Our horsebox builder in Lancashire has been successfully designing and manufacturing excellent quality horseboxes since 1975. The first Renault Master conversion was manufactured by our horsebox builder in 1996. This same horsebox was featured in the Daily Telegraph as ‘Box of the Year.’ We’re proud of our reputation for building quality horseboxes. If you are looking for an expert horsebox builder, contact Marlborough Horseboxes today. We also sell second hand horseboxes. Our horseboxes are known for their quality and longevity which is why our second hand horseboxes have risen in popularity. Keep your horses safe and comfortable during transportation and rely on a professional horsebox builder to design your perfect horsebox.