Choose from a Range of Quality Horseboxes for Sale in Durham

Horseboxes for Sale in DurhamFind excellent quality horseboxes for sale in Durham when you give us a ring. Choosing the right horsebox means that you’ll need to consider a number of aspects. First of all, what will you be using the horsebox for? Perhaps you need to transport your horses to the next show, or perhaps it will be used to transport your mare to the stud. Regardless of your specific requirement for a horsebox, we have a huge range of perfectly designed and manufactured models that will meet your needs perfectly. Each horsebox is carefully designed and manufactured to meet our exacting standards.

For horse owners in Durham, horseboxes for sale are available at affordable prices. On top of that, we also offer our gently used second-hand horseboxes. Our reputation for providing only quality horseboxes is well known and as a result, our used horseboxes are as popular as our new ones. Our unique horseboxes are built on a 3.5 tonne Renault or Vauxhall Movano chassis. As a result, and because of our custom designs, our horseboxes are built to last, and they’re tough and efficient. In fact, we built the very first Renault master conversion in 1996, and this horsebox was later featured in the Daily Telegraph as the ‘box of the year’. We offer the standard bespoke 3.5 tonne horsebox in the sport, Hunter and Colt models. Additionally, we offer carriage and stud horseboxes.

If you’re looking for quality horseboxes for sale in Durham, our experts can assist you. All our horseboxes are durable, high quality and are suitable for different transportation needs. Many of our horseboxes have comfortably and safely transported many prize-winning and professional horses throughout the years. Furthermore, our horseboxes are exported to countries like South Africa, New Zealand and across Europe.  For more details about our horseboxes for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact Marlborough Horseboxes. Additionally, we also offer a repair service for your Marlborough Horsebox, along with advice on caring for your horsebox. You can transport your horses to your next show, safely and comfortably with one of our superb quality horseboxes.