Horseboxes for Sale in Cambridge, Premium Quality, Cost-Effective Prices

Horseboxes for Sale in CambridgeIf you’re searching for horseboxes for sale in Cambridge, we at Marlborough Horseboxes can assist you. We are the biggest name in the business of providing the best transportation of horses, both locally and overseas as far away as New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. Our products are well-designed, sturdy and durable, with built-in conveniences that can be tailored to suit your specifications. Our bespoke designs and quality got us a “Box of the Year” mention in the Daily Telegraph as far back as 1996 and since then there’s been no looking back.

We offer a range of different models. In Cambridge, our horseboxes for sale are carefully designed and manufactured. We place emphasis on quality and durability. This is one of the reasons why both our new and our second-hand horseboxes are so popular. When you choose one of our horseboxes, you know that you are receiving excellent quality and true value for money.  All our horseboxes are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Regardless of whether you are transporting jumpers to a show, a broodmare to a nearby stud, or younger horses, you’ll have the assurance knowing that are safe. We offer the Sport, Colt, and Hunter Horseboxes. Each is built on a 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall chassis. This, along with our custom designs, ensures durable, tough and efficient horseboxes, whatever your needs.

Horseboxes for sale in Cambridge are an excellent investment. With one of our horseboxes, new or second hand, you won’t have to worry about making arrangements when it is time to move your horses. Our horseboxes are strong and tough. In fact, you can use them to transport your horses along a highway, or over rougher, rural terrain. For more details about our horseboxes for sale, contact Marlborough Horseboxes today. Additionally, we offer a top-quality repair service for your horsebox. Our horseboxes are painted with metallic paint, in a colour of your choice.  If you prefer a different colour, or if you would like additional signwriting on your horsebox, speak to us about a quote for the new paintwork.