Choose the Most Professional Horsebox Builder in Wilmslow

Horsebox Builder in WilmslowIf you are looking for a horsebox builder in Wilmslow, come to us. Horseboxes are among the best ways to transport horses by road. Horseboxes simplify the task of moving your horse from one place to another. The horsebox protects your horse from harsh weather conditions and keeps it calm when passing other vehicles. Quality horseboxes ensure the comfort of your horses without compromising on road safety. This means that the horsebox should be spacious enough for your horse to stand or rest comfortably. The horsebox should also be stable enough to keep your horse from panicking if the road gets bumpy. It should also be strong enough to withstand the battery of an unruly horse.

Our company provides some of the most reliable horseboxes in the country. In Wilmslow, our horsebox builders have been perfecting their skills for more than 45 years. We began our operations in 1975 and have been shaping the market ever since. We now export our world-class horseboxes to New Zealand, South Africa and several countries in Europe. Our quality is so high that our second-hand horseboxes are also in high demand. We build robust, long-lasting horseboxes that will serve you for several years. As a local horsebox builder, our prices are reasonable. We value our customers and strive to give them the best deal possible. As such, we sell both new and used horseboxes to our customers.

Despite such a high demand for horseboxes in Wilmslow, we have maintained our personal touch. We make sure that each horsebox surpasses our customer’s unique needs. We believe that every horse and its owner is unique. We work with our clients to identify and fulfil their desires. We can also convert existing vehicles into horseboxes. Our range of horsebox styles includes Sport, Hunter, Carriage and Stud box. We also offer continuous care and repair of your horsebox to keep it in excellent condition throughout its life. Contact Malbrough Horse Boxes if you have any questions about our services. If you have a preferred design or sketch, feel free to bring it with you. We can use your ideas to build the horsebox of your dreams.