Excellent Quality Horse Boxes for Sale in Mobberley at Excellent Prices

Horse Boxes for Sale in MobberleyWe have horse boxes for sale in Mobberley, both new and used. Maybe you’ve bought another brand in the past or maybe you’re shopping for your first horse box now. If you ask around about the best place to buy, we are confident that our horse boxes will be suggested. Check the better-known periodicals for the horse community and find us there with new and used horse boxes for sale. In 1996, we completed our first ever Renault Master conversion for use as a horse box. We put a great deal of attention to detail in the design and conversion. We wanted a strong box with built in safety and comfort for horses. Since we own horses, we knew exactly what we wanted and what the priorities were to be.

Safety and strength were and still are our top priorities. But then, we also wanted to build, in Mobberley, horse boxes for sale that are safe and comfortable for the humans. Not all horses and riders are the same, so we had to design our horse boxes to accommodate size, purpose and the needed amenities of each. The stability of the vehicle is all important to safety, which is why we choose Renault or Movano Chassis. Drivers will feel comfortable driving our horse boxes for both long and short distances. If you travel to events frequently you’ll find we have the perfect weekend set up for your comfort and convenience. Because of our attention to detail, quality, safety and comfort, our horseboxes attract a lot of positive customer acclaim. Today, our horse boxes are much sought after, both new and used.

When we offer horse boxes for sale in Mobberley, we are providing premium quality at an affordable price. Not only do you get an exceptional product but we place a high priority on customer service and satisfaction. After you buy a horse box, we are still here for you ever after. If you have issues, questions or need help including repairs, pick up the phone and call us. You are always welcome to contact us about our horse boxes for sale. If you have some customisations you want incorporated into your horse box, we’ll build your horse box especially for you. We can also arrange for custom paint and graphics. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Marlborough Horseboxes is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 5 review(s).


Fantastic Horsebox’s and excellent customer service. Ive had my box quite a few years now and wouldn't want to drive anything else. This year i took it back to Marlborough for a check-over and they also added some improvements to it for me. Always at the end of the phone if i need them and nothing is too much trouble.

- Helen


First class product, and a first class service throughout the design and build, most importantly, when we had a minor problem around 2 years after delivery, the same level of service was provided, highly recommended

- Chris


Extremely pleased with our new Horsebox. Good quality and service provided by Geraldine. Would use Marlborough again in the future.

- Clare Grant


Excellent….. from start to finish. As promised I would leave a review a year if I was still happy a year later 🙂

- Paul Wellman


Highly recommend Marlborough Horseboxes - will be using them again in the future thank you.

- Harriet