Excellent Quality Horseboxes for Sale in Leicester at Excellent Prices

Horseboxes for Sale in Leicester Find horseboxes for sale in Leicester if you need to transport your ponies and horses. Having your own horsebox is both convenient and affordable. With your own, you won’t need to hire one when it is time to travel. You won’t need to borrow one either. Owning a horsebox removes the planning needed to find a suitable and available horsebox hire when you need one. Since 1975, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and supplying beautiful, top-quality horseboxes. The horseboxes we have available are made with only the finest quality products and attention to detail. We have gained an enviable reputation for designing and building horseboxes that meet the needs of our clients. Our horseboxes are used throughout the world, including in New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and many other European countries.

For horse owners in Leicester, horseboxes for sale are available as brand new and second hand. Such is the quality of our horseboxes that second-hand horseboxes are as popular as the brand new models. When you choose one of our horseboxes, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting, durable and attractive product. Our prices are competitive too. We can design and supply bespoke horseboxes that meet your horse’s unique needs. We design and build different types of horseboxes such as Hunter, Colt and Sport as well as carriage and stud boxes. Our standard horseboxes are built on a 3.5-tonne chassis in the Colt, Sport and Hunter models. The stud model horsebox is ideal for the safe transportation of foals, mares, problem horses and stallions. Our carriage boxes are wide enough to transport three ponies or two horses.

If you are looking for quality horseboxes for sale in Leicester, we can assist. Let us know what your requirements are, and we can suggest the most suitable option for your needs. You are also welcome to contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today and find out more about our range of available horseboxes for sale. You’ll have a terrific range to choose from, and, if you prefer, we can custom build a horsebox to your specifications. We can also customise your horsebox to include many add on and extra features to suit your horse’s needs.