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Horseboxes for Sale in HarrogateFor all your horse transportation needs, consider our horseboxes for sale in Harrogate. Horses are admirable animals that need to feel safe when they travel. Horseboxes provide a comfortable yet safe way to transport horses over long and short distances. They have a robust structure that can support stallions and problem horses. Yet, horseboxes also have cool, relaxing conditions to keep mares and ponies calm on the road. Quality horseboxes make travelling enjoyable for the horse, driver and groom. Transporting a racehorse or show pony to an event can be challenging. Any unwarranted disturbance while travelling can interfere with your horse’s performance. A high-quality horsebox is a worthwhile investment for every horse owner in the UK.

Our robust horseboxes provide a safe and comfortable way to transport your horses. In Harrogate, our horseboxes for sale come in various shapes and sizes. We understand that all our customers have unique needs. As such, we can design bespoke horseboxes to suit your requirements. All our designs meet our high-performance standards. We use long-lasting material and durable constructions that can withstand years of use. If you are shopping on a budget, we have a wide range of pre-owned horseboxes for sale. The quality of our workmanship guarantees the long term durability of our used horseboxes. You can choose from our range of Hunter, Colt, Stud box and Sport horseboxes. Each has unique features that could appeal to your taste or functionality needs.

In addition to horseboxes for sale in Harrogate, we provide a range of other support services. These include finance, repair and care services. Our repair and care services are quite popular. We build our horseboxes to withstand rough treatment. Yet, some horses are more active than others. In case your horsebox is damaged from use, we can repair and modify it to have extra padding and reinforcement. To accommodate all our customers, we provide finance options that enable you to spread out your payments. If you would like to own one of our horseboxes, call Malborough Horse Boxes today. We will happily guide you through our offers to see which product suits you.