Horse Boxes for Sale in Burscough: Choose Quality and Longevity

Horse Boxes for Sale in BurscoughHorse boxes for sale in Burscough are available at Marlborough Horse Boxes. Take a look at our website to view the available horse boxes for sale. We also have a large number of used boxes available. As a result of our excellent quality workmanship, our used horse boxes are as popular as our new. You will be interested to find out that we have been building horse boxes of the finest quality since 1975. Our excellent workmanship has proudly earned us a reputation for building long lasting, quality horse boxes. We are also proud of our achievements, and we manufactured the first Renault Master conversion in 1996. This horse box was featured in the Daily Telegraph as ‘Box of the Year.’ Our Hunter horse boxes are used by both New Zealand’s top show jumpers and dressage riders. As a result of the quality of our horse boxes, we now export to a number of countries, including most European countries, South Africa, and New Zealand.

For our clients in Burscough, horse boxes for sale include a selection of precision made quality horse boxes. You can choose from a range that comprises, among others, of the Marlborough Sport, as well as the Marlborough Hunter. These fine horse boxes ensure an excellent travelling experience for both the horse and handler. All our horse boxes are available with a variety of different features, such as a modern Radio/CD Player, and this is fitted as standard. Each of our horse boxes have a Renault / Vauxhall factory fitted immobiliser. The body has a 12 month warranty. All new vehicles are available with the maker’s full warranty, and currently this is 100,000 miles or 3 years.

Horse boxes for sale in Burscough can be painted with metallic paint in a colour of your choice. You can also select sign writing in your choice of style and wording. If you’re looking for quality horse boxes for sale, contact Marlborough Horse Boxes. The horse boxes that are manufactured after 2010 are fitted with electric mirrors, electric windows and in some cases, satellite navigation systems. We also sell previously owned Marlborough horse boxes. Choose style and comfort with one of our horse boxes!