Horse Boxes for Sale in Eccleston

Horse Boxes for Sale in EcclestonLook for quality horse boxes for sale in Eccleston so you can transport your horses in comfort and style. Marlborough Horse Boxes is a speciality horse box stockest. We’ve got many types of horse boxes for your favourite horse. There are many reasons why it is advantageous to have your own horse box. The first is independence. It enables you to get to your destination without you having to rely on a third party. The next advantage of owning a horse box is convenience. When you purchase a horse box you can select one with any type of features you like. Furthermore, you can customise it for your needs. We have on offer, small horse boxes with basic features and larger ones with more advanced functions. Perhaps the most important reason for getting a horse box is comfort.  Travelling is stressful for a horse. By housing it in a comfortable vehicle, you’re reducing much of its stress. Lastly, you can always rent out your box when it’s not in use.

At Marlborough Horse Boxes in Eccleston, horse boxes for sale are available in a range of sizes, features and budgets. We have carriage boxes, stud boxes and many other options. Our vehicles are relied upon by some of the most esteemed equine clubs. We also export our horse boxes to New Zealand and South Africa. Our company was established in 1975. Since then we’ve perfected the art and style of building a horse box. Our boxes are built with both the horse and rider in mind. We also have horse boxes that accommodate two horses! You may even opt for a box where the horse faces the front or back. We recommend rear-facing transport as this reduces the trauma and stress on the animal.

If you want to transport your horse safely and comfortably, consider looking for horse boxes for sale in Eccleston. To find out more about our horse boxes for sale, or if you have any queries, contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today. All our vehicles are equipped with a 1 year MOT.