Horse Boxes for Sale in Formby

Horse Boxes for Sale in FormbyWhen you’re looking for horse boxes for sale in Formby don’t you wish your horse could give you some input about what matters to him? You know what comforts and conveniences you require but how about the horse? We’ve given the transport of horses in safety and comfort a lot of consideration. Our designs have been keeping horses happy since 1975. Stressed horses can translate into sick horses quickly and also challenge the handler’s control. It turns out your needs and your horses’ needs are not so different. You want light, ventilation and plenty of legroom; so does your horse. You want to be able to get in and out of the vehicle easily and so does your horse. You want the carriage around you to support and protect you from injury just as your horse does.

Our horse boxes are built on 3.5 tonne Renault or Vauxhall chassis which provides a solid stable driving and riding experience for horse and driver. In Formby, horse boxes for sale are custom designed according to the configuration best suited to your horse. Our horseboxes are configured for Sport, Hunter and colt. We offer a specially designed stud box for safety and a larger extended carriage box to accommodate two horses or three ponies and the carriage. The larger sizes can be customised to adapt to a variety of needs. All are well ventilated and allow natural light through windows and also with interior lighting so the horse can easily transition from inside to outside and back again without vision disturbances.

Our horse boxes for sale in Formby are well known for extraordinary durability. They retain a high resale value so your investment will serve you well no matter what kind of roads you travel or how great the distance. Contact Marlborough Horseboxes and tell us what you need. We’ll customise it to suit. From time to time we have used horseboxes for sale so if that would interest you check with us. We can arrange delivery  and now we export to most of Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. Choose your colours and logo. We’ll paint your horse box so it’s easily identifiable. When you call, we will inform you of extras and options you might find desirable.