Horse Boxes for Sale in Prestbury

Horse Boxes for Sale in PrestburyHorse boxes for sale in Prestbury are ideal for people who own horses and ponies. Some of the best quality horse boxes can be purchased from us at Marlborough Horse Boxes. Since 1975, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and supplying beautiful horse boxes. In that duration, we’ve perfected the art of developing horse boxes. Our products are designed with comfort and safety of the horse and owner in mind. As a result, we use only high quality products and exacting methods to construct our one-of-a-kind horse boxes. This drive for perfection and balance has helped acquire a reputation for building some of the best horse boxes in the industry. Even if you purchase a Marlborough horse box and decide to sell it later, don’t be surprised when it fetches a fair price! Our horse boxes have worldwide notoriety, including in New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and many other European countries.

For horse owners in Prestbury, horse boxes for sale can be purchased from Marlborough Horse Boxes. We’ can design and supply bespoke horseboxes that meet your horse’s unique needs. Our products are in such high demand that even our second hand horse boxes are sought after. Whether you opted for a new or used horse box, you’re guaranteed a product that is durable, long-lasting and comfortable. We guarantee our horse box will serve your needs for many years to come. We design and build different types of horse boxes such as Hunter, Colt and Sport as well as carriage and stud boxes. Our standard horseboxes are 3.5 tonne in the Colt, Sport and Hunter models. The stud model horsebox is ideal for safe transportation of foals, mares, problem horses and stallions. Our carriage boxes are wide enough to transport three ponies or two horses.

Transport your horse safely and securely with horse boxes for sale in Prestbury. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today to find out more about our range of horse boxes for sale. We can customise your horse box to include many add on and extra features to suit your horse’s needs.