Horse Boxes for Sale in Hale Barns

Horse Boxes for Sale in Hale BarnsWhen searching for horse boxes for sale in Hale Barns, there are many factors to be considered. Price is usually the first consideration. Next is safety, durability and comfort for both you and your horse. We’ve been building impressive horse boxes since 1975. We are proud of our reputation and the popularity of our products at home and in other countries as well. In fact, we now ship to several countries. We customise to suit your specific needs.  However, all of our horse boxes meet or surpass the standard criteria for safety, comfort and durability. If you have horses you need a horse box at least for trips to the vet. If that’s all you use it for then one may be sufficient even if you have multiple horses.

Our used horse boxes are popular for horse owners who transport their horses infrequently and short distances. In Hale Barns, horse boxes for sale that are used are always in high demand because they are well built and more than sufficient. If you want to save some money, you can depend on our used horse boxes for frequent transports as well. We guarantee them. You need a horse box that fits the horse comfortably.  We build horse boxes configured for your horse. Our standard sizes are based on Colt, Hunter, Sport and stud boxes. We build a great carriage box that will accommodate the horses and the carriage. The interior configuration is customisable so space is allocated for tack and rider space.

Horse boxes for sale in Hale Barns are built on 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis. That’s important because you want stability on the road you can count on while transporting horses. It’s critical to the safety of horse and driver, especially when transporting long distances. We offer a wide selection of options that can be incorporated into our horse boxes. Transport is stressful for the horse which prefers solid footing and open spaces. Choose plenty of ventilation for the comfort and health of the horse. We build in the needed legroom for horses to balance and low ramps with wide doors for safe loading and unloading. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes and we’ll help match up your horse transport needs with one of our horse boxes. We build the finest horse boxes available and we think you will agree. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.