Horse Boxes for Sale in Reading

Horse Boxes for Sale in ReadingWhether you keep horses for showing, owning or riding, looking for horse boxes for sale in Reading may be necessary. At Marlborough Horse Boxes, we have a selection of top quality horse boxes available for purchase. We have been building quality long lasting horse boxes since 1975, and we have earned a reputation for providing first classes to our clients. We also sell 2nd hand horse boxes; these have gained in popularity for their sturdiness and design. Our horse boxes are exported for use in countries like South Africa, New Zealand and other European countries. We’re pleased to say that our Marlborough Hunter horse boxes are used by one of New Zealand’s leading show jumpers, as well as one of their leading dressage riders.

For horse owners in Reading, horse boxes of an excellent quality are available from Marlborough Horse Boxes. We’re proud to showcase a wide range of horse box vehicle brands such as Renault and Vauxhall Movano. In fact, the first Renault Master conversion was manufactured by us in 1996. This horsebox was featured in the Daily Telegraph as ‘Box of the Year.’ No matter what your budget, we’re sure you’ll find something within your means in our collection. With our range of horseboxes, you are sure to find the perfect box for your horse transportation requirements. We offer the Sport, Colt and Hunter horseboxes as well as stud and carriage boxes. In addition to the purchase of your horse box, we provide additional options such as painting, servicing, warranty, delivery and up rating by up to 3,900kg.

If you’re passionate about owning, riding and showing horses, we have horse boxes for sale in Reading. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today to find out more about our horse boxes for sale. Our team will help you find something that fits your requirements. We also specialise in carriage boxes and stud boxes. If you need to safely transport stallions, mares, foals or problem horses, we recommend the stud horsebox. The carriage horsebox is ideal for the transport of two horses or three small ponies.