Horseboxes for Sale in Oxford

Horseboxes for Sale in OxfordLooking at horseboxes for sale in Oxford? Marlborough Horseboxes is the place for you. We are the biggest name in the business of providing the best transportation of horses, both locally and overseas as far away as New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. Our products are well-designed, sturdy and durable, with built-in conveniences that can be tailored to suit your specifications. Our bespoke designs and quality got us a “Box of the Year” mention in the Daily Telegraph as far back as 1996 and since then there’s been no looking back.

For clients in Oxford, horse boxes for sale at Marlborough Horseboxes are sought-after as much for their designs as for their excellent after-sales-and-service facilities. The models available are the Sport, Colt, and Hunter Horseboxes. As their names suggest, they are specifically designed to carry the various breeds of horses safely and comfortably to their destination. Carriage and Stud Boxes  further customise client requirements. They’re useful for carrying foals or pairs of horses. These models have universal features that determine the uniqueness of our products. Technical specifications include low level flooring to assist easy loading as well as stability. The rubber layered floor avoids shocks or impacts during the journey. Side panels and a breast bar make sure that the animal stays secure while in motion. Full length, padded partitions allow for flexibility of widths of stalls within, depending on the size of the horse being transported. Our boxes have drainage holes for easy and efficient cleaning, open windows for ventilation and tie and hay net rings for security. Access doors  to the box area provide safety and the convenience to ensure that the groom can look in frequently to reassure the animal and avoid any kind of stress that could be caused during transit.

Horse boxes for sale in Oxford by Marlborough Horseboxes has a new offer for horse owners. You can now invest in a second hand horsebox! Speaks volumes about our durability doesn’t it? Why not contact us for more information about our horseboxes for sale? Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from clients who have been 100% satisfied with our products and services.