Horse Boxes for Sale in Surrey

Horse Boxes for Sale in SurreyHorse boxes for sale in Surrey are the answer for all your equine transportation needs.

If you have ever needed to move a horse from one place to another, you know that it is no easy task. Even the most well-trained and docile horse does not like being in a confined, moving space. Additionally, horse boxes can be bulky, heavy and difficult to transport over different terrains. At Marlborough Horse Boxes, we aim to provide quality horse boxes that make the journey easier for both horse and driver. Our horse boxes are built on a 3500kg Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano chassis, structurally integrated with the vehicle for durability and stability. We offer a range of builds, including custom designs, to suit different needs.

When it comes to regularly moving horses in Surrey, horse boxes for sale from Marlborough Horse Boxes is the ideal solution. We have earned a reputation for our quality horse boxes. Because of their durability, our second hand horse boxes are also sought after, and may be a more affordable option for the budget-conscious buyer. Second hand horse boxes can be found on our site and offer the same level of quality as when they were first made. All our horse boxes are designed to improve horse transportation. Lower floors, especially in the Marlborough Sport design, create a low centre of gravity, offering more stability and easier loading. Stainless steel full length padded partitions offer hygienic interiors with several stall widths available. Partition storage on the offside can be used for mare and foal boxes. Rubber flooring and side protection, and a 1,37m breast bar ensures there are no bumps and bruises. The boxes also feature drainage holes, two tie rings, two haynet rings, opening windows, opening roof ventilators, internal light, and a jockey door in the breast bar for access to grooms area.

We also offer carriage and stud horse boxes for sale in Surrey. The carriage horse box can accommodate two horses or three small ponies. The stud box features additional designs for safely transporting stallions, mares, foals, young stock or problem horses. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes for the ideal horse box for your specific requirements. Our horse boxes have transported many prize show horses and can be exported to many other countries as well.