Horseboxes for Sale in Birmingham

Horseboxes for Sale in BirminghamIf you’re looking for horseboxes for sale in Birmingham, Marlborough Horse Boxes is at your service. Since 1975, we have established, improved and perfected the art of building horseboxes that are suitable for both horse and rider. We are known for building horseboxes that are of the highest quality and that last long. This helps retain their resale value, and that is why even our second hand boxes have a high value, so much so that a used Marlborough Horse Box is sought after just as much as our new models. Our international exports can attest to that. For example, the Marlborough Hunters are used by one of New Zealand’s leading show jumpers. With other exports to South Africa and most European countries, you can be sure to have quality horseboxes right on our won soil.

From Sports to Hunters, Stud Boxes to Carriage boxes, we have a variety for you to choose from. In Birmingham, horseboxes for sale come with a range of features that you can use to discern the best one for you and your horse. You can purchase one that transports one or two horses at a time, and even have one that transports horses facing the back or the front. It is good to consider that studies show horses that are transported while facing the rear go through a less traumatic time and arrive at the venue less stressed. Other features present our horseboxes include rubber floors, bridle rack, lockers, upholstered seating, rear lighting and cab seating spaces for a maximum of three. You can have the bodywork customized to your preference in order to have that simple touch of individuality.

When it comes to horse boxes for sale, you can opt to have a brand new one or decide to go for one that was previously owned. Either way, you’ll be getting great value for money. Contact Marlborough Horse Boxes today and we’ll pair you with the perfect transportation vehicle. We offer delivery services at a fee. We also ensure to service your box before handing you the keys. All vehicles come with a new 12-month MOT.