Horse Boxes for Sale in Cheltenham

Horse Boxes for Sale in CheltenhamOur horse boxes for sale in Cheltenham are always sought after, especially our used horse boxes. Built to suit your sport and preferences, we’ve been providing luxury transportation for your horses since 1996. That first horse box conversion was named “Box of the Year” by the Daily Telegraph and from that point forward we have built a reputation for excellence due to our conscientious customer service and reliability for offering well-made and durable horse boxes. We are able to export our horse boxes throughout South Africa, Europe and New Zealand. We always have a selection of used boxes available but they don’t last long. If you purchase new from us you can be sure the horse box will serve you long term and maintain a good resale value.

Among our many options available at Marlborough is our horse and carriage model. In Cheltenham, horse boxes for sale are specially designed and our carriage box is a perfect example. We can increase the size of the box for you if your carriage is larger. However, standard size will comfortably transport two horses or three ponies. We’ll partition the box for two or three, whichever you prefer. You’ll like how easy our electric winch loads your carriage. Another speciality is our stud box designed with optimum safety in mind for not just stallions but any high strung horse. The full height partitions can be altered to accommodate a mare and foals. Our Stud box is an excellent all around useful choice.

Other horse boxes for sale in Cheltenham are customised for hunters, colts and sport horses. Each can be modified to suit your particular preference and that of the individual horse. We haven’t overlooked the comfort of the human passengers. The horse box cabs comfortably accommodate three and are equipped with CD players, remote control key, plenty of storage for personal items and some have toolkits and built-in GPS. Contact us if you are in the market for a new or used horsebox. We can arrange for delivery if needed and logo painting. Your vehicle comes road worthy with recent MOT certification and servicing. Choose from a wide selection of extras to further personalise your horse box.