Horse Boxes for Sale in Epsom

Horse Boxes for Sale in EpsomAre you looking for top-quality horse boxes for sale in Epsom? At Marlborough Horseboxes, we provide premium horseboxes to match your needs, preferences and budget. We are proud of our reputation for our hard-wearing, long-lasting, sturdy products that regularly feature in trade publications. Our horseboxes are valued not just in the UK but also across the world, wherever quality transportation is needed. Your valuable hunters, sport animals, racers, colts, studs, temperamental or problem horses can be transported safely, smoothly and comfortably in our modern, well-equipped boxes. We have more than forty years’ experience in this sector and most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients.

You can have your pick of appropriate boxes. In Epsom, horse boxes for sale can be chosen from our comprehensive range. We have options like rear or front facing horse boxes, painted in colours of your choice. All our boxes have signs painted on them indicating that horses are being transported. If you need any extra signs to be written, you can let us know and we’re glad to have it done. Vehicles are fitted with standard accessories like radio/CD player, have a 12 month MOT certification, electric mirrors and windows and in some cases, satellite navigation systems. All our vehicles come with a Renault/Vauxhall fitted immobilizer and two sets of keys for ramp, rear-door and lockers. We also have a range of well-maintained used boxes for sale.

Horse boxes for sale in Epsom represent a huge financial investment and it’s important to select the right product. Otherwise, it could endanger the health, safety and security of your expensive animals. Clients have to identify the reasons for purchase first. They also have to specify whether they are professionals or hobbyists in this sector. Another important aspect is the budget – how much is the client willing to invest? When looking for top of the range horse boxes for sale, contact Marlborough Horse Boxes. Our experienced team can help you select the perfect horse box for your needs. Horse boxes are an integral part of owning and riding horses, whether for pleasure or sport.